Hey, Welcome to the Pixelverse!

I'm Timpers,  a 22 year old, UK based Pixel artist and animator with 6 years of graphic design experience. Here you will find more about me and my art.

When did you begin creating?

I've always had an artistic side and love creating, ever since a kid I've enjoyed bringing things to life but mainly focussed on physical/traditional art. 2015 was the year I first ventured into graphic design using Photoshop to create design, specifically YouTube banners. From 2015-2019 I made hundreds of videos teaching people how to use Photoshop and built a large community of 40,000 subscribers. I took time away from this while at university (2019-2021) and now have a degree in Animation.

When did you develop your passion for pixel art?

While at university I was exposed to many different styles of art and animation, many I enjoyed but nothing really connected with me, until I started to look into pixel art and the different variations in this art form. I grew up playing pixel based games such as Pokémon so I really enjoy creating pieces that remind me of pixel games like that. For the past few years I've spent lots of time practicing pixel art and animation, watching lots of tutorials and looking through different pixel art pieces to help push forward my style. 

As well as my inspiration coming from old pixel art based games such as Pokémon, my main inspiration comes from Anime films and artwork as I really enjoy the visual style and relaxing/chilled mood. Colours are another aspect I love to work with, I keep a lot of my work bright and vibrant, whether the piece is based in the day or night it will look bright.

Clients I Have Worked With.


Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Gamer.

4.2M Twitter Followers.

12M  YouTube Subscribers.


Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Gamer.

1.9M Twitter Followers.

25.4M YouTube Subscribers.


Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Gamer.

1.8M Twitter Followers.

3.88M  YouTube Subscribers.


Twitch streamer, Youtuber, Gamer.

178K Twitter Followers.

284K  YouTube Subscribers.

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